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Chapter 3: Matzilla

Joe and Nicole soon retired to a Starbucks that was located in the
center of the cave and enjoyed some nice cool Frappachinos. Soon after
they did some more livejournal pix omg.
They continued on their quest, but then came about their next
obstacle: Matzilla and his god awful movie coellction.
Joe and Nicole had no fear. They combined their magical ruby red
slippers and with a big swoosh..."With your powers combined I AM
DIVINE!", She stormed over to Matzilla and picked him up by his stolen
goodwill tshirt, and flicked him away into Arrontrons vaginal
"Wew! Thanks Divine!" They chanted, anytime my loves she replied,
"Take this magical whistle, it will help you on your journey". Joey
put it inside Nicoles purse next to the Cadillac and Mercedes..
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