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The Journey begins..

Once upon a time a 'Your-Ride' dropped Joey and Nicole off at the Cave
of Doom. They wanted to find treasure. But that day, all of there
hopes and dreams and innocense were trashed and punctured.

"COME ON YOU KEGEL!" cried Joey, as he tore away at the rocks.
"TREASURE!". Nicole picked up a pebble and threw it, Joe picked up a
boulder and threw it. Five minutes later they were taking pictures of
each other for new Livejournal icons. "I forgot why we came here Joe"
said Nicole. "Me too" replied Joe.

They continued to explore the cave, until they came upon Arrontron.
"WHO DARES TO COME INTO MY CAVE!?" she roared. Tis I, Josheph E.
Thurlow, he then proceeded to whip out his Gay ID.. the magical
Express card, the key to anything. "OMFG" cried Arrontron as she lit
up a pack of cigarettes and put away her ball gag and dildo. "We are
here to find some treasure.. I think?" Said Nicole. "Yes, we came to
find the most magical thing ever!.. Jean Hills panties!". "FOOLS!"
barked Arrontron, everybody knows that's imposible, only the queerest
of queer can do this, how can one prove this? Almost any gay man with
great credit can get a Express card!" "Well.." said Joe, "I got my
hag, and my copy of Destinys Child 'Bootylicius'..". By this point
Arrontron moved on and Joe was left talking to her decapitated
exboyfriend. They quickly left moved furthur on.
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