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Hot Carls

Soon after what it seemed an eternity... or 10 minutes Joe and Nicole got bored so they decided to take a detour and stop at Hot Carls soul food empourium. They got inside and sat down.. they felt like they were in a sea of chocolate. The voluptuous oversized waitress slammed the menus down. Joe started shaking and urinating like a small dog. "What can I get for ya sweet potatoe nipple nappers" ... "Uh I want chicken" Nicole stuttered. .. Joe proceeded to urinate more and then a homeless man violated him in 8 different ways, while Nicole looked on and ordered Joe Chicken as well.. They waitress reached in her panties and pulled out 2 chicken legs and scraped some collard greens from her chest hair, and proceeded to plucked corn bread out of her large weave. Joe ate it while hovering in the corner ina fetal position.

They left a $3.21 tip .. and quickly left to further on their journey. But they made another stop at the beauty shop..
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