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Joe and Nicole felt the tempurature drop rapidly and they soon heard squirting sounds. They came cross a dumpy north Flint looking neighborhood and several popeye chickens, Joe clings to Nicole and cries "I'm skurred Nicole!!", Nicole Slapped that bitch silly. The squirting sounds got louder.. they saw movement.. "YA'LL WANNA BUY SUM RAWKS!?.. I GOTS TA PAY MA CABLE BILL AND FEED MY CATS". A bald tall whore came out of the shadows, wearing green spandex and a hot pink tube top, and sporting some amazing camel toe. Joe and Nicole didn't hesitate and bought $34 worth of rocks. Tamtam (the name of the creature they found out through her gurgling de-phonictized speech impediment) invited them into her trailer which had a stench of cat urine and Briteny Spears 'curious' perfume. She gave them each a new set of clothes they could continue there journey in comfort. Joe was sporting a tight christmas themed teddy, while Nicole wore a Potatoe Sack with purple feather trim. They felt fetching and refreshed.

As they left the rubble, Nicole ran into one of her one night stands..
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