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Chapter 2: Vaginal Doom

As they walked, Arrontron yelled from behind them "FOOLS! YOU'VE
FALLEN RIGHT INTO MY TRAP!" Nicole and Joe turned around to see
Arrontron pushing her vagina through the cave after them. The sight
made then whither with fear, as they saw many men eternally trapped
within the vagina. Just then, the vagina opened and a swarm of demon
bat babies flew out, all still attached to a mini umbelical cord. Joe
and Nicole screamed in terror as Arrontron bellowed a laugh through
the cave after them.
"Nicole, quick!" Joe said. "Use your secret weapon!"
Nicole, who was busy screaming at the sight of the demon bat babies,
realized that Joe was right- it was time to use her secret weapon. She
braced her hand on the wall and clenched her face tight while Joe sat
down in a corner for support. He knew what was coming.
Nicole grunted like Rosie O'Donnell and unleashed her MEGA-KEGEL
attack, causing a massive shock wave to come forth from her vagina.
The wave hit all the demon bat babies and the sheer magnitude of the
giant kegel caused half to instantly explode and the rest to fly back
into Arrintron's vagina in fear. Arrintron herself blew cigarette
smoke out her ears and wailed in pain, retreating back to the
forgotten depths from which she came to tempt unwary travellers to
their vaginal doom. Nicole and Joe decided to explore deeper into the
cave, hoping to find Jean Hill's Magical Panties.
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